My Kentucky Backyard

If you want to have endless fun throughout Kentucky, your options are plentiful. There’s still plenty of warm weather left in summer, so it’s time to check out the endless opportunities for family entertainment and fun that exist throughout Kentucky. Just check out the following video about the Mohammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky:

Every region in the state presents opportunities throughout the year. Use our map and have a look around the state for enjoyable and uniquely Kentucky travel ideas … right in your own backyard!

Various Activities Across Kentucky include:

Located in the heart of downtown Louisville Ky, the Muhammad Ali Center is both an international education center and a cultural attraction where the inspiration of its founder Muhammad Ali and his ideals are everywhere. The Center’s 2 1/2 levels of innovative exhibits, public and educational programs, and Ali’s global initiatives carry on the legend of Muhammad Ali and continue to inspire the exploration of greatness that’s within ourselves.

In Northern Kentucky, Newport on the Levee has it all. Live music, shopping, restaurants, original entertainment, family fun and more.

Newport KY also has the Newport Aquarium – a must-see for anyone in the northern KY area. And in the Covington & Erlanger Ky areas (as well as Florence), it is home to a regional specialty known as Cincinnati style chili which if you haven’t tried is definitely worth giving it a go. Think of it more as a topping for spaghetti than as a “chili”. Sounds odd – but it definitely does work!

Fort Knox is home to one of the largest gold repositories in the world and has been featured in many movies & TV shows and has even achieved cultural status to mean highly secure or impregnable. While you’re in Kentucky, you should also visit the tiny historic village of Hanson in Hopkins County, a town of which the old center was rescued thanks to the efforts of just one special lady, Teresa Anthony!

Nolin Lake is located southwest of Louisville Kentucky and is one of the largest lakes within easy commuting distance. It is located near Leitchfield and offers boating, fishing, and other water recreational activities. One thing to not be missed is the Nolin Lake forest that offers quaint & tranquil settings for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Shelbyville is located in Shelby County Ky and is home to the Saddlebred Capital of the World. As such, horse farms in Shelbyville are absolutely gorgeous with many offering tours of their horse properties to the public.

Lexington Kentucky is one of the world’s leading Thoroughbred horse communities. Many world-renowned horse farms in Lexington KY are regarded as being among the best and include such notable ranches as Calumet & Spendthrift.

Meet some of the dinosaurs at Dinosaur World in Cave City. Dinosaurs representing a variety of well known and unusual species are displayed outdoors with explanatory signs in a lush natural setting.

When you visit Adsmore in Princeton, you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time at this living house museum. You’ll enter an era of lavender-scented sheets, graphophones, top hats & fans, elegant crystal and china, and button shoes. Adsmore is meticulously restored and reflects the lifestyle very well of the prominent Kentucky Smith-Garrett family by the end of the “Golden Age.”

Some Great Outdoor Events Across Kentucky in June: In 2004, by Presidential designation, June became Great Outdoors Month. Outdoor adventure is not new to Kentuckians. With summer unofficially here, what better time to head outdoors for some fun and a little exercise?

Discover the Music in Your Own Backyard: Kentucky is alive with music, particularly as the summer months heat up. From bluegrass and gospel to orchestral and rock ‘n roll, there is something for every taste offered within the commonwealth’s borders.

Water Adventures are Plentiful Across Kentucky: As the spring temperatures warm up across the state, many Kentuckians begin looking at the calendar to make plans for a trip or adventure that involves water. See also this page about the annual Hanson Arts & Crafts Festival.

This website provides not only historical information but also touristic information about Kentucky parks and activities across the Commonwealth.