Historic Hanson, Kentucky

Historic Hanson, Kentucky, is often referred to as the Antiques and Art Center Of Western KY. The town has the true distinction of being the smallest historic district in Kentucky and has a thriving and recognized arts & antiques business community. What Hanson town lacks in size is more than made up for in character […]

Teresa Anthony’s restoration of Historic Hanson

Hanson? Just Like When I Was a Kid….Except the Toilets are Indoors Now. When her hometown threatened to condemn 8 historic buildings (dating from 1879-1895), Teresa Anthony purchased all of them. Over the following years, she restored and rented out all of them. Here’s her remarkable story. Q: Could you give us some sense of […]

Historic Mount Dora

The Legacy of Dora Ann In 1843, on March 28, James A. Drawdy and Dora Ann Fletcher were married in Georgia’s Irwin County. Unfortunately, James died at the age of only 26 in 1848. Dora Ann then married William Jackson Drawdy, James’ first cousin, on September 13, 1849, also in Irwin County. It is possible […]

Scenic Areas and Historic Sites

Americans like to visit scenic areas and historic sites – but where can they go to do both at the same time? Imagine taking your next vacation where the Sundance Kid once held up the local bank, where dozens of wineries and luxurious spas vie for your attention, or where four world-class museums are within […]

Silver Mines of the Coeur d’Alene River

Greater Coeur d’Alene Mining Region Not many people realize how important the Coeur d’Alene Mining Region is to our national economy and the numerous benefits derived from the silver, lead, and zinc mined here. The Coeur d’Alene Mining Region, which is roughly four miles wide and twenty miles long, ranked first in the annual production […]

Wallace to Murray Road Trip

Visitors to Wallace and the Silver Valley, after inspecting the top silver producing mines in the nation, can also get a glimpse of the early-day gold rush to the Coeur d’Alene Mountains just over a century ago with an hour’s drive to the Murray gold district north of Wallace. Visitors should take Forestry Road 456 […]

Silver City – Ghost Town in Idaho

Idaho Ghost Town In 1865, rich silver ore was discovered on War Eagle Mountain overlooking Silver City, Idaho. The War Eagle Mine and over 200 other mines in the area went on to produce more than $60,000,00 of precious metals. A bit further up the road (a mile to be exact) from Silver City was […]