Finding Your Unique Fashion Sense One Step At A Time

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If you never seem to love your wardrobe, there’s probably something wrong with the way you choose your clothes! Here are five steps to finding your style and loving your look.

1. Choose Your General Style

While you can combine a few of the different styles you see around you, putting too many of them together is considered fashion faux-pas. Decide on whether you prefer classic, goth, romantic, artistic or whatever. When something fits your personal style, you wear it better by default.

2. Know What Colors Are “You”

Your hair, eye and skin color should have a lot to do with the cute clothes you decide to buy. Some colors simply don’t go well with certain people, even if they prefer that specific color. Knowing what your colors are gives your wardrobe a professional touch and can really take you anywhere.

3. Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

No matter what your style is or how cute your clothes are, you should never feel uncomfortable! Opt for the best fit and select fabrics that move with you and breathe.

4. Find A Few Great Places To Shop

Even if you love to shop, it’s no fun running from store to store and never finding anything. Do a little research first and locate the places that suit your style and budget. There are many online sites with great clothes at decent prices, just pay careful attention to the sizing specifications and make sure they offer you a good return policy.

5. Wear With Confidence

When it all comes together, you know you look good! That knowledge carries over into more confidence, no matter where you are. From work to hanging out with friends and even formal occasions, you know you’ve always got it.

Use these five steps to change your wardrobe and completely make yourself over. Clothes can do so much for you, when they fit your true fashion sense. Shop all of the latest fashions at Joyluxe


Stay Comfortable In A Colorful Tunic Top


Your style says a lot about you, whether you live in casual clothes or wouldn’t be caught deal without wearing matching pieces. As you get older however, you style can start to stagnate. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut and you stick to the pieces that you know look good. You stop thinking about what you are wearing. If you want to add a simple piece that is going to update your wardrobe and give you a fresh look, consider buying a tunic top.

The great thing about tunic tops is that you can pair them with anything. If you are going for a casual look around the house you can pair them with leggings. They look great with jeans if you are going out shopping and you can even pair a tunic top with a skirt for a more dressy look.

Tunic tops flatter every type of figure and they are great at hiding muffin tops and abdominal fat. They have a loose fit, but they aren’t too loose and the fit flatters all figures. You can find the tops in many different fabrics and colors and the price is inexpensive so you will find that the tops are easy to afford.

It is good to have a few of the tops in your closet and keep rotating them. You can find tunic tops in every price range online and the great thing about ordering them online is that you don’t have to stand in line or wait around for a parking space. Shop when you want and enjoy having your tops delivered to your front door.

If you are ready for something different and want to change your look for the better, invest in a few quality tunic tops. They will naturally enhance your look.


Why Maxi Dresses Should Be A Staple In Every Woman’s Closet

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During the warmer months of the year, wearing long pants is simply out of the question. How can you travel in style? The answer is simple: maxi dresses! Not only are these dresses simply fashionable and stylish, they are the perfect staple that should be present in every fashion savvy woman’s closet.

There are thousands of different maxi dress styles that you can choose from online and offline. You can find wild prints, solid colors, or geometric patterns in all colors of the rainbow. At the foundation of every great dress is perfectly draped fabric, and a simple design that draws attention to the height of the body.

Tall or medium height women look best in a maxi dress as it can further elongate the body, and they look great with heels or sandals! The flowy fabric allows you to hide your curves, which is essential if you have a few extra pounds that show in your middle. These types of dresses can help hide flaws, but also place focus on the entire body as opposed to your midsection, legs, or chest.

Another added benefit of purchasing a maxi dress is that it offers you an outfit for a variety of occasions. You can wear one on vacation, to the beach, a restaurant, or just while you’re walking around the city. Not to mention, there is little or no ironing to be done with these dresses, and once you put one on, there is no reason to accessorize or focus too much on shoes.

Every woman can look great wearing a maxi dress, and once you have one, there is the possibility that you will want many more. The Internet offers a wealth of sellers online you can look to in order to obtain the perfect dress.